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Last updated: 2020 December 7

  1. Posters (in Inkscape)
  2. Fabric Posters (with Spoonflower)

Posters (in Inkscape)

  • Font sizes:
    • Poster title: 94(ish) pt
    • Section title: 60-64 pt
    • Within-section header: 30-48 pt
    • Authors: 36 pt
    • Body text: 28-32 pt
    • References: 22-24 pt
  • Spacing:
    • Margin between sections/edge: 0.5”
    • Text padding within section: 0.5”
  • Standard size (US): 32-36” x 48”

LaTeX math in posters can be added with the built-in LaTeX extension (the easier option to set up) but this doesn’t seem to allow you to edit an equation after it is created. The texText plugin is a nicer interface and will let you edit equations after creating

Fabric Posters (with Spoonflower)

  • Export your poster as a PNG:
    • If necessary, rotate so the output image is landscape (instead of portrait)
    • Set as high of a DPI as you can (and remember this value) while keeping it under 40 MB (the maximum file size allowed by Spoonflower). Make sure it’s at least 300 DPI.
  • Upload to Spoonflower
    • On Spoonflower, select “Design & Sell” > “Upload your Design” and upload the image
    • Under “Repeat,” select “Center” to avoid repeating
    • Use the “Change DPI” option to match what you exported
    • Choose your fabric (see below – probably Performance Piqué) and pick the amount as 1 yard.
    • Be sure to check in the preview that it’s what you expect!
  • Choose your shipping speed
    • If you planned far enough ahead, you can get $3 shipping.
    • Otherwise, the “rush” option (3 business days for production + shipping) is $25.

The recommended fabric is Performance Piqué, which is a 56”-wide, stretchy, non-creasing fabric. Since it’s knit, you won’t have to worry about fraying edges, but you will have to trim the excess white-space fabric from what you receive. It costs $18/yard (after 10% designer discount).

The non-stretchy alternative suggested is Silky Faille, which (as a woven instead of knit fabric) can get fraying edges and also may need ironing. (I haven’t tried this option yet.)

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