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Programs to Install

Last updated: 2022 May 17

  1. Everyday
  2. Visuals
  3. Gnome Extensions
  4. Work/Research
  5. Programming
  6. Miscellaneous/Utilities
  7. OctoPrint Plugins


Program Purpose
Chrome Browser
sudo apt install tilix Better terminal (configuration)
sudo apt install inkscape Vector graphics editor (or the PPA)
sudo apt install gimp Raster graphics editor
Typora Markdown editor
MuseScore Music notation
Spotify Music (add themes with Spicetify)
Z shell Better interactive shell (configuration)
Lutris* Playing not-native-Linux games
Steam Games!
Discord Chat servers for everything
Solaar Configure the gesture buttons on my Logitech MX Master 3 mouse (see config)

* Usually, I’ll use Proton (from within Steam) if I’m playing a Steam game, and Lutris for non-Steam games (like GTA V through Epic games store).


Program Purpose
Adapta GTK Theme Clean dark theme
Adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack Change Adapta accent color
Plata GTK Theme Clean darker theme
Papirus icons Material-inspired icons
Papirus folders Match folder icons to Adapta colors

I’m currently using the Plata Noir theme with Papirus icons

Gnome Extensions

These are what I’m currently using:

Program Purpose
Material Shell Tiling WM style for Gnome (clear ~/.cache if misbehaving)
Alternatetab Alt+Tab switches by window instead of program
Bring out submenu of power off/logout button Fix a system menu annoyance
Clipboard indicator Show clipboard history
Gsconnect Connect my phone to the computer
Panel osd Move the notification popup
Sound Input & Output Device Chooser Show audio input/output in system menu
Tweaks in Systems Menu Show Tweaks with regular Settings
User themes Allow user themes described above
Windowoverlay icons Show program icons in the Alt+Tab view
Bluetooth Quick Connect Connect quickly from the system menu
Sensors See temperatures in system menu
Freon Temperatures in the panel

These are worthwhile extensions I’ve used in the past:

Program Purpose
Dash to dock More configuration of dash bar
Dash to panel Replace the dash with something more functional
Desktop icons Use this to remove the trash/home icons
OpenWeather Show weather in top bar
ShellTile More places to snap windows
Suspend button Add a suspend button to the main dropdown
Workspace Indicator Label/number workspaces in the top bar
Workspace switcher Name workspace and show them in the top bar


Program Purpose
Kilogui Programmer interface for Kilobots
Eagle PCB design (configuration)
sudo apt install minicom Serial monitor terminal (for Kilobots and LARVAbot)
PrusaSlicer 3D printing slicer
sudo apt install openscad Script-based CAD
Slack Channels for everything!
Zotero Managing papers


Program Purpose
Visual Studio Code General-purpose code editor + git integration
Arduino IDE Programming Arduinos/microcontrollers (configuration)
Heroku CLI Manage Heroku projects
Docker Containers for development
Coral Edge TPU API for the USB TPU

Install relevant development packages all at once:

Item Install
Python 3 sudo apt install python3-dev python3-pip python3-venv
Python packages pip3 install numpy scipy matplotlib pandas seaborn tables h5py jupyter pylint dash plotly
Jekyll sudo apt install ruby-full build-essential zlib1g-dev && sudo gem install jekyll bundler
Node/NPM sudo apt install nodejs build-essential or PPA or NVM
Other sudo apt install libhdf5-dev htop

VS Code Extensions:

Extension Purpose
Arduino Program, compile, and deploy Arduino sketches
Auto Close Tag Auto-create HTML closing tags
Auto Rename Tag Change HTML open/close tags together
autoDocstring Automatic Python documentation strings
Better C++ Syntax Better syntax-highlighting for C++
Code Spell Checker Spell-checking, including camel/snake-case
Color Highlight Color codes get highlighted with that color
Django Snippets/highlighting for Django templates
Doxygen Documentation Generator Automatic Doxygen docstring generator
Edit csv Edit CSV like a table
ESLint Javascript linting
GitHub Copilot AI write my code for me, please
GitHub Pull Requests and Issues Manage these from within VS Code
GitLens More powerful git tools
Indenticator Highlight indentation depth
Intellisense for CSS class names in HTML Auto-complete CSS class names
Jupyter Notebooks without your browser
Markdown All in One Markdown editing and previews
Markdown+Math Math rendering support for markdown
Material Design Icons Intellisense Icon name suggestions and preview
Material Icon Theme Pretty folder/file icons
Pylance Python type-checking and validation
Python-autopep8 Apply PEP8 formatting to file
Rainbow CSV Distinguish CSV columns by color
reStructuredText Support formatting/preview for RST files
Rewrap Hard wrap comment/code blocks
scad Better editor than OpenSCAD
SVG Viewer Preview (simple) SVG files in VS Code
TODO Highlight v2 Highlight TODO/NOTE/FIXME notes
Vetur Vue support
vscode-pdf PDF viewing within VS Code
vscode-spotify Spotify interaction (pause, skip, current song)


Program Purpose
AppImageLauncher Automatic desktop integration when you first launch an AppImage
sudo apt install synaptic GUI for package management
sudo apt install gparted GUI for disk partitioning
Insync Google Drive client for Linux
sudo apt install duplicity Déjà Dup automatic backups
sudo apt install gnome-tweaks Make Gnome usable
sudo apt install dconf-editor Edit Dconf files

OctoPrint Plugins

For OctoPrint installation/setup and more information, see my OctoPrint page

Program Purpose
3D Geeks Phone notifications for prints
CustomBackground Change background on temperature graph
FileManager Separate tab for direct file management
Firmware Updater Update printer firmware
Fullscreen Camera Make camera full screen with double click
Navbar Temperature Show temperatures in top bar
Octolapse Pretty timelapses
Print Time Genius Better print time estimation
Prusa Leveling Guide Interactive bed leveling for Nylock mod
Prusa Mesh Leveling View bed level variance
PrusaSlicer Thumbnails Show thumbnail previews of objects
TabOrder Set tab order and icons
Themeify Dark theme!
TouchUI Make it finger-friendly