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Designs & Models

Last updated: 2022 May 17

This is a subset of the things I’ve designed, in approximately reverse-chronological order.

Coming soon:

  • My own brain
  • Fully 3D printed Ergodox Infinity case… with magnets!
  • MMU-compatible heatbed mount for this camera mount
  • Tool holder for Prusa MK3/S/+ (remixed from Tool Rail for Prusa i3 MK3)
  • SD card box (again, with the same box design)
  • Improved Ikea Skådis accessories (remixed from IKEA SKADIS Collection)
  • Stackable Lego-like filament test bricks (with lots of parameters!)
  • Yet another minimalist toothbrush holder
  • Customizable little jars.

“Oops, all nuts!” pencil organizer

Pencil cup that looks like a stack of giant nuts

It’s like my nut & bolt pencil holder, but this time it’s all nuts. It also has compatible M80 threads.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Nozzle box

Open nozzle box

The multi-color, labeled nozzle box uses the same print-in-place hinges and latch that I created for my pill boxes.

And it won the Printables contest for nozzle holders!

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Diamine ink bottle holder

Ink bottle in holder

I spilled most of a bottle of ink. I’m not doing that again.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Compact case for DeWalt 1/4” socket set

Socket box

This socket set is great, but it came with a ridiculously huge case. This fits everything in half the size, and includes print-in-place labels.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Offline dinosaur game magnets

Dinosaur magnets

Chrome lets you play a game when you have no internet. I’ve taken that game and made it available on your refrigerator (or any other ferromagnetic surface).

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Mega Lego seleton

Mega Lego Skeleton

10:1 scale Lego skeleton, printed in 25 separate parts, plus 50 connector pins. All the functionality of your favorite childhood toy, but now 40 cm tall.

This model was featured on Printables!

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Project Documentation: Mega Lego Skeleton



It’s a flexible alligator, inspired by Flexi Rex, but more Florida. It’s the first time I’ve made a design based on something biological. This is currently my peak accomplishment in 3D printed toy design.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

“My First Pandemic” 2020 ornament

First Pandemic Ornament

You might have a “My First Christmas” ornament. Now you can add “My First Pandemic” to your collection of 2020 commemorative ornaments. It’s a fast, easy, multi-color print designed completely from scratch.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Larger weekly pill box

Pill box

It’s like the compact pill box, but less compact.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Multi-color 2020 dumpster fire ornament

2020 Dumpster Fire

A summary of 2020, in 3D printed form.

There are a lot of similar designs out there, but mine has wheels! And colored text. And everything is designed with overhangs and tolerances that make it very easy to print.

(There’s also a 2021 version.)

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Nut & bolt pencil organizer

Pencil holder

It’s a pencil holder that’s also a functional M80 nut and bolt. There are others like this online, but they weren’t quite the right size, so I made my own.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Compact weekly pill box

Pill box

I didn’t like any of the pill boxes you could buy, so I made my own. I wanted something that’s compact, reliable, and looks cool.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

ErgoDox Infinity built-in wrist rest

Ergodox case extension

This modification to the Ergodox Infinity makes it cheap to build in a wrist rest/full hand extension for additional comfort. It’s non-destructive to the original case, so it’s easy to swap in and out.

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

Robot attack safety sign


Put safety first with this tag sign to remind you how long it has been since your research facility’s last robot uprising.

This model was featured on Printables!

Models: Printables, Thingiverse

75% ortholinear keyboard


Are you envious of all those custom mechanical keyboards, but have way less money than time? Like me, you could sink your time into 3D printing a mechanical keyboard, from case to keycaps.

Models & Project Documentation: Creating a Keyboard

Benchy wall mount

Benchy wall mount

Every time we get a new filament in the lab, I print the small boat and use this to hang it on the wall. It’s one of the first things you see when you walk into the office. As it should be.

Model: Printables, Thingiverse