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Julia Documents Things

Programming and chillin'

This documents the miscellaneous techy things I do for research, running Linux, side projects and taking over the world. It’s mostly for me, but if you find something useful, that’s cool too.

I like programming, 3D printing, and robots, so most of what you find here is related to that.

Recent Updates and Posts

Docs / Linux / Z shell

Last updated: 2021 February 17

Docs / 3D Printing / Modding

Last updated: 2021 February 17

Docs / Linux / System Configuration

Last updated: 2021 February 16

Docs / 3D Printing / OctoPrint

Last updated: 2021 February 13

Docs / TODO

Last updated: 2021 February 10


This is rough contemporaneous documentation of projects I’m working on. Its main purpose is to be reference for myself in case I find myself doing something similar in the future. It’s based on the concept of documentation I learned in How To Make (Almost) Anything:

  • It should be honest about your process, your mistakes & failures, and be done while you work (not after), so you don’t sugar coat it and leave out the interesting/important details.
  • You’re way less likely to actually write stuff down if you wait until you’ve already finished the project.
  • Explaining things by writing them down helps you solve your own problems (like rubber duck debugging).
  • It helps you keep track of useful resources/links as you’re going, so you don’t need to keep open 300 browser tabs.
  • Everyone loves lots of pictures.