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Julia Documents Things

Programming and chillin'

This documents the miscellaneous techy things I do for research, running Linux, side projects and taking over the world. It’s mostly for me, but if you find something useful, that’s cool too.

I like programming, 3D printing, and robots, so most of what you find here is related to that.

Recent Updates and Posts

Docs / 3D Printing / Designs & Models

Last updated: 2022 May 5

Docs / Linux / Programs to Install

Last updated: 2022 March 24

Docs / Graphics & Design / Design Resources

Last updated: 2022 March 24

Docs / 3D Printing / Filament Brand Ratings

Last updated: 2022 March 1

Programming / Git Cheat Sheet

Last updated: 2022 January 4


This is rough contemporaneous documentation of projects I’m working on. Its main purpose is to be reference for myself in case I find myself doing something similar in the future. It’s based on the concept of documentation I learned in How To Make (Almost) Anything:

  • It should be honest about your process, your mistakes & failures, and be done while you work (not after), so you don’t sugar coat it and leave out the interesting/important details.
  • You’re way less likely to actually write stuff down if you wait until you’ve already finished the project.
  • Explaining things by writing them down helps you solve your own problems (like rubber duck debugging).
  • It helps you keep track of useful resources/links as you’re going, so you don’t need to keep open 300 browser tabs.
  • Something is better than nothing: focus on writing down something about what you’re doing, rather than trying to write the perfect thing, and ending up writing nothing. That also means incomplete documentation is still better than no documentation.
  • Everyone loves lots of pictures.