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Design Resources

Last updated: 2022 March 24

I like free graphics and fonts.

  1. Graphics & Illustrations
  2. Icons
  3. Patterns & Textures
  4. Free Photos
  5. Colors
  6. Typography
  7. Miscellaneous/Multi-purpose

Graphics & Illustrations

  • unDraw: A big collection of color-customizable SVG illustrations (many related to tech/design), and the source of all the header images for this website
  • Scale by Flexiple: Daily color-customizable SVG illustrations. Similar to unDraw, but smaller collection (so far) and more detailed style.
  • manypixels: Large collection of stylistically consistent, color-customizable illustrations. This has multiple styles, usually with the same illustration available in most/all styles.
  • Lukaszadam: Small but growing collection of small illustrations
  • Mixkit: Many styles of illustrations of a variety of subjects. (More visually interesting than the trendy flat styles of the above ones)
  • Pixeltrue


  • The Noun Project: Huge collection of single-color icons, free with attribution.
  • 365cons: 365 kinda-random, (mostly) full-color icons
  • IconStore: Collections of outline & full-color icons in various styles
  • Flaticon: Mixture of free (with attribution) and paid icons, in both full- and single-color.

Patterns & Textures

Free Photos

  • PxHere: Huge selection of CC0 photos
  • Unsplash: Smaller but more curated collection of CC0 photos
  • Pexels: More CC0 images
  • Pixabay: …More CC0 images. (Sensing a theme here?)
  • Flickr: Filter by creative commons and size to get a wide variety of images. This has been one of the best sources of photos for Reckless Ham
  • Dreamy Pixel: Some free images, which I haven’t used much so far
  • Foodiesfeed: Free stock food photos (not as extensive as some of the other sites)
  • Public Domain Pictures: Pictures that are free because they’re in the public domain
  • Wikimedia Commons: Public domain/CC pictures from the same people that brought you Wikipedia. Useful if you’re looking for a picture of something very specific. (Also check out the topic’s Wikipedia page.)



  • Google Fonts: Easily embed fonts in a website without downloading anything. Or use it to download and install fonts locally.
  • Font Squirrel: A curated selection of good-looking fonts with a lot of useful filters


  • Colors & Fonts: Font pairings, color palettes, gradients, and more
  • AllTheFreeStock: Clearinghouse of even more free icons, stock photos, etc. Find the stuff I haven’t used yet.