Programs to Install

  1. Visuals
  2. Gnome Extensions
  3. Work
  4. Everyday
  5. Miscellaneous
  6. OctoPrint Plugins


Program Purpose
Adapta GTK Theme Clean dark theme
Adapta-gtk-theme-colorpack Change Adapta accent color
Papirus icons Material-inspired icons
Papirus folders Match folder icons to Adapta colors

Gnome Extensions

Program Purpose
Alternatetab Alt+Tab switches by window instead of program
Dash to dock More configuration of dash bar
OpenWeather Show weather in top bar
ShellTile More places to snap windows
Suspend button Add a suspend button to the main dropdown
User themes Allow user themes described above
Workspace Indicator Label/number workspaces in the top bar


Program Purpose
Kilogui Programmer interface for Kilobots
Eagle PCB design (see setup instructions)
sudo apt install minicom Serial monitor terminal (for Kilobots and LARVAbot)


Program Purpose
Visual Studio Code General-purpose code editor + git integration
sudo apt install inkscape Vector graphics editor
sudo apt install gimp Raster graphics editor
Typora Markdown editor
MuseScore Music notation
Spotify Music
Zsh Better terminal


Program Purpose
AppImageLauncher Automatic desktop integration when you first launch an AppImage
sudo apt install synaptic GUI for package management
sudo apt install gparted GUI for disk partitioning
Insync Google Drive client for Linux
Nvidia drivers Proprietary GPU drivers

OctoPrint Plugins

For OctoPrint installation/setup and more information, see my OctoPrint page

Program Purpose
CustomBackground Change background on temperature graph
FileManager Separate tab for direct file management
Firmware Updater Update printer firmware
Fullscreen Camera Make camera full screen with double click
NavbarTemp Show temperatures in top bar
Octolapse Pretty timelapses
Printer Stats Tab of various printer stats
Print Time Genius Better print time estimation
Prusa Mesh Map Mesh bed leveling for Nyloc mod
TabOrder Set tab order and icons
The Spaghetti Detective Watch for failed prints
Themeify Dark theme!
TouchUI Make it finger-friendly